Draco Lizard Care

Draco Lizard care

If you have never heard of a Draco lizard before, you might be wondering how to care for this adorable animal. These insectivores are named after the Latin word for dragon. While they live in wooded environments, they don’t have to be kept indoors. To care for them, you can follow these tips. Draco lizard care starts with the right food and habitat. This article will cover a few tips on choosing a suitable diet for your new pet.

Draco is the Latin word for dragon

The Latin word “draco” is used to describe the last dragon in the Dragonheart film. It is also used to refer to the drake, draconian, and dragon. The term draco means “dragon” and is a derivative of the word dracos, which means snake. Unlike many other names, draco is not a gender-specific name.

Draco lizards have wings

Draco lizards are arboreal insectivores that have wings. They are capable of gliding flight and are referred to as flying lizards. Their wings are formed from enlarged ribs and membranes that can be extended to create wings. The wings are a unique adaptation to their arboreal lifestyle. They are also very docile and rarely bite humans.

Draco lizards live in wooded habitats

Known as volans, draco lizards live in the eastern part of the world, including India and Southeast Asia. These habitats are typically closed forests, with little or no sunlight reaching the ground. Climbing plants and epiphytes thrive in these environments. Rainfall is rarely limiting, but can be seasonal. The average lifespan of draco volans is close to a decade.

Draco lizards are insectivores

The most prominent characteristic of Draco lizards is their Y-shaped snout. Their nostrils may point upward or downward and their tympanum is covered in scales. They also have cervical crests and have a wattle on each side of their neck. These lizards prefer tall forests with high humidity levels. The male and female of this species differ in appearance.

Draco lizards can suffer from fungal infections

Fungal infections in Draco lizards can be very dangerous for the animals. These lizards have small heads and must feed on insects to survive. Their diet consists of adult crickets, bean beetles, fruit flies, and other insects. They dust these insects with a mixture of calcium and vitamin powder. They avoid feeding on scorpions, ticks, or millipedes, which contain toxic chemicals that can kill them.

Draco lizards are easy to handle

The male Draco lizard is quite difficult to catch. It is very difficult to catch because it doesn’t have a tail and it doesn’t have any venom. The female, on the other hand, is much more difficult to handle. But it is still possible to handle it. The male Draco has a distinct body shape, characterized by an extended, flattened rib cage. The dewlap, a yellow-green extension under the chin, moves up and down in a circular fashion. Male Dracos are territorial and will claim two trees as their territories and will leave the females in peace if the two aren’t fighting.

They make good pets for responsible children

Draco lizards are considered diurnal animals that spend their days gliding from tree to tree. They can climb tree trunks to escape danger. Adult draco lizards can grow up to eight inches long with tails longer than four inches. Females weigh less than males and weigh between 0.73 and 4 ounces. Children are not advised to handle draco lizards.